Seal for Life Uses ARO Systems in Indian Hydrocarbon Industry

The Indian hydrocarbon pipeline industry, which includes both cross country transmission pipelines and city gas distribution pipelines, has witnessed in the past 5 years a substantial increase in the pipelines being laid by Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) methodology or any other trenchless method.

This is being done in varied terrains of India, thus subjecting the main line coating, which is pre-dominantly 3-layer polyethylene (3LPE), to becoming highly vulnerable to coating damages due to a much higher degree of abrasion, gouge and impact forces which otherwise is not the characteristic of a pipeline laid in a trench. Many of the reputed asset owners in India are now, as a conscious step to safeguard the main line coating, including Abrasion Resistant Overlay (ARO Coatings) as part of their specifications of pipe laying through “trenchless” methodology.

The Seal for Life-Powercrete ARO systems shall be one of the key technologies serving this purpose and shall be applied as a ARO system for pipelines laid by HDD, micro-tunnelling and Direct Pipe Method for diameters up to 50 inches.

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