Xionggu Automatic Welding Machine Accelerates Welding Work on Section of Sino-Russia Eastern Pipeline Phase 3

The Nantong-Yongzhi section of the Sino-Russia Eastern pipeline phase 3 is a key oil and gas infrastructure project.

After completion, it will realise the interconnection of the Sino-Russia Eastern pipeline, the 1st West to East pipeline, and the Shanghai branch of the 2nd West to East gas pipeline. It plays an important role in optimising energy and realising energy conservation and emission reduction in the Yangtze River Delta and various provinces and cities along the line.

The 1st lot of the project is contracted by Sichuan Oil Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. (CNPC Group), of which the pipeline length is 34.1km, with a pipeline diameter of 1422mm, pressure of 10MPa, a wall thickness of 32.1mm and it is made with X80 steel. Two spreads of Xionggu pipeline automatic welding machines are used including two units of Xionggu internal welding machines and 10 stations of Xionggu dual torch external welding machines.

The dense irrigation channels, farmhouses and temperatures above 40 degrees℃in the area make construction more difficult. The contractor completed a total number of 100 joints in 6 days, with a qualified rate of 98%, supported by the Xionggu technical service team.

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