Goriziane Manufactures Internal Line-up Clamp (ILC)

Goriziane E&C S.p.A. has recently manufactured a new Internal Line-up Clamp (ILC). These ILCs are ready for final assembly and factory acceptance testing (FAT) before delivering them to onshore and offshore pipeline projects.

The ILCs are built to accurately align pipe diameters ranging from 6’’ to 60’’ and even bigger, depending on customers’ requirements. Goriziane’s ILC has a modular design, thus it can be adapted for various applications (onshore or offshore) by adding a copper shoes system; high-force re-rounder; purging system; dedicated pads for internal coating or stainless steel pipe (CRA kit); a motorised system (for pipe OD > 16); emergency braking system; J-Lay Anchor module; winch; wireless remote-control; and visual laser and 3D camera system. In addition, Goriziane also offers a fully electric ILC with compact design where space is limited.

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