IPLOCA organised its 5th Health & Safety workshop on 23rd June in Geneva. This year, the topic was “Safety Assessment Efficiency”.

Safety is a major concern in the pipeline industry. All companies are implementing safety tool box talks, risks assessments, safety alerts, and many other initiatives aimed at reducing accidents, so why are accidents still happening? How can we prevent them?

The twenty-six attendees had the opportunity to answer these questions, identify good and bad behaviours, and get ideas on how to improve job safety assessment through shared experiences.

Nicolas Brocherieux, Account Leader & Senior Consultant, DuPont de Nemours, made a presentation on the topic and acted as the facilitator of the workshop. The agenda also included a presentation from Frederic Teitgen, EP Head of Department, Total, sharing a client point of view.

The agenda included:

IPLOCA HSE Committee initiatives
Juan Arzuaga, Executive Secretary, IPLOCA
IPLOCA Health & Safety Award sponsored by Chevron
Bruno Maerten, Chairman of the IPLOCA HSE Committee
Safety Excellence lead to Operational Excellence & Sustainable Growth
Nicolas Brocherieux, Account Leader & Senior Consultant, DuPont de Nemours
Job Risk Analysis
Frederic Teitgen, EP Head of Department, Total
group work
reports from groups: Exercise 1Exercise 2

Feedback received from participants:

“I was very pleased to see such a detailed presentation from DuPont and discuss it during the group sessions”

“It was very interesting to learn about the level of involvement of DuPont top management and entire working team in all risk assessment”

“I realised how essential it was to offer driving courses to all employees, and how crucial to assess the driver skills/performance”