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Hitting the Medium-Voltage Cable (MS-10KV) with a Long-reach Excavator Bucket

Excavation waterway crossing (sheet piling) around MS cable.

HSE Download-Denys QSHE Alert 2021-06 (pdf - 549KB)

Buried Services

Underground services risk is ranked high both in probability, given its recurrence, and in the consequence potential severity, when buried…

HSE Download-LESSON LEARNT_07_2020_Buried Services (pdf - 351KB)

Electrocution while interchanging the phases of an energized female socket

A fatal accident occurred at a CCC Project in Qatar when an electrician was electrocuted to death while interchanging the…

HSE Download-SA3-Electrocutionwhileinterchangingthephasesofanenergizedfemalesocket (pdf - 404KB)

Electromagnetic field hazards – Regulation change

HSE Download-LL-EMFHazardsandControlmeasures (pdf - 338KB)