HSE Shared Experiences: Safety alert

Damages to Overhead Power Lines During Transportation of an Excavator

While passing under existing overhead 33 KV energized power lines, the excavator boom made contact with the overhead power lines…

HSE Download-2021-07_SAFETY ALERT_Damage to OHPL (pdf - 487KB)

Rock Breaking

While rock breaking activity was ongoing, a piece of rock flew away with pressure and fell near appointed flagman for…

HSE Download-2021-04_SAFETY ALERT_Rock Breaking (pdf - 461KB)

Trailer Load Fixing

During transportation of 3 pipes of 14-inch on dolly pipe trailer on a light slope one of the cargo lashing…

HSE Download-2021-03_SAFETY ALERT_Safe Load Fixing (pdf - 234KB)

Collapsing Trench

While four workers were enlarging an 1,9 m deep trench to install Fiber Optic Cable, the excavation wall fell on…

HSE Download-2021-01_SAFETY ALERT_Trench Collaps (pdf - 613KB)

Loading and Unloading of Heavy Equipment

A ramp detached from the trailer during the unloading of a sideboom. And during the pre-operation inspection a crack was…

HSE Download-2020-11_SAFETY ALERT_Loading Unloading Equipment (pdf - 532KB)

Unsafe Rigging Practice

A subcontractor employee was working as a rigger and was part of the lifting crew that was tasked to loading…

HSE Download-2020-06_SAFETY ALERT_Unsafe Rigging (pdf - 453KB)

Timber Skid Rupture

When lowering the pipe string from one end with the sideboom and after releasing the Choker Belt, the timber skids…

HSE Download-2020-05_SAFETY ALERT_Timber Skid Rupture (pdf - 542KB)

Ladder Losing Stability

While bending a pipe, the bending machine operator climbed up a ladder to take some measurement. The ladder lost stability…

HSE Download-2020-04_SAFETY ALERT_Fall from High (pdf - 225KB)

Pipe Alignment

During the installation of the internal clamp for the alignment of a hot formed bend, the pipe suddenly tilted while…

HSE Download-2020-01_SAFETY ALERT_Pipe Alignment (pdf - 248KB)

Injuries While Getting off Heavy Equipment

Two incidents occurred in two different sites during the getting off heavy equipment. In the first case the consequence was…

HSE Download-2019-08_SAFETY ALERT_Get off Heavy Equipment (pdf - 305KB)

Defective Circular Brushes

During the course of a project, some Near Misses were notified regarding the abnormal rupture of circular brushes used for…

HSE Download-2019-06_SAFETY ALERT_Defective Brushes (pdf - 285KB)

Fire Incident in Confined Space

During the welding of a pup piece to a 31 Tons valve in a block valve station, a welder got…

HSE Download-2019-03_SAFETY ALERT_Confined Space (pdf - 296KB)

Bending Machine Lifting

After lifting the bending machine few centimetres, the rear section of the bending machine tilts to the left. The supervisor…

HSE Download-2019-02_SAFETY ALERT_Bending Machine Lifting (pdf - 195KB)

Accident while lifting a pallet with slings

As part of Micro-tunneling works extra bentonite was required and a Hiab truck was dispatched to Pipeyard 6 to collect…

HSE Download-SA15-Accidentwhileliftingapalletwithslings (pdf - 1MB)

Steering Trailers

Steering trailers are designed to help rigid loads manipulate corners more effectively and are heavily used in the transportation of…

HSE Download-SafetyAlert-SteeringTrailers00000003 (pdf - 467KB)

Flash-fire Accident onboard pipe-lay barge

During pipelaying activities, Injection Molded Polypropylene (IMPP) equipment, in coating station, got stuck.

HSE Download-SA6-Flash-fireaccidentonboardpipe-laybarge (pdf - 23KB)

Electrocution while interchanging the phases of an energized female socket

A fatal accident occurred at a CCC Project in Qatar when an electrician was electrocuted to death while interchanging the…

HSE Download-SA3-Electrocutionwhileinterchangingthephasesofanenergizedfemalesocket (pdf - 404KB)

Fatality during prescribed treatment

A driver for the project Shalapa (Mexico) since 2015, had a car accident.

HSE Download-SA23-Fatalityduringprescribedtreatment (pdf - 1MB)

Employee going under an excavator

The operator must always switch off the engine and the controls. Only then the zone between the caterpillars can be…

HSE Download-SA14-Employeegoingunderanexcavatortoaccessthematerialbox (pdf - 2MB)