HSE Shared Experiences: Lessons learned

Hazard Identification through the Energy Wheel

Research has shown that work crews typically identify and discuss less than half of the hazards that they actually encounter.…

HSE Download-LESSON LEARNT_10_2022_Energy Wheel_en (pdf - 126KB)

Carbon footprints and the Role of Trees

SICIM has started a three-year collaboration with Treedom, the first web platform in the world that allows you to plant…

HSE Download-LESSON LEARNT_06_2022_Carbon Footprints_en (pdf - 237KB)

Use of Yo-yo

Self-retracting lifeline - Yo-yo - is a type of lanyard (individual fall arrest system) that allow the user to freely…

HSE Download-LESSON LEARNT_03_2023_Use of YoYo_en (pdf - 316KB)

Breaking of Lifting Accessories During Hoisting

While lifting a load, the swivel hook connecting the rigid excavator hook to the chain failed.


Hitting the Medium-Voltage Cable (MS-10KV) with a Long-reach Excavator Bucket

Excavation waterway crossing (sheet piling) around MS cable.

HSE Download-Denys QSHE Alert 2021-06 (pdf - 549KB)

Welding Tents

The welding tents are structures specifically designed and built for the automatic and manual welding phase of the pipelines in…

HSE Download-LESSON LEARNT_11_2019_Welding Habitat (pdf - 822KB)

Pipe Cutting

Pipe cutting is one of the most hazardous process during Oil & Gas construction activities.

HSE Download-LESSON LEARNT_10_2020_Pipe Cutting (pdf - 249KB)

Line of Fire

Many high potential incidents and near misses on construction sites are due to non-compliance of the interdiction zones, called "line…

HSE Download-LESSON LEARNT_09_2020_Line of Fire (pdf - 275KB)

Buried Services

Underground services risk is ranked high both in probability, given its recurrence, and in the consequence potential severity, when buried…

HSE Download-LESSON LEARNT_07_2020_Buried Services (pdf - 351KB)

Vehicles Parking on the Row

Accidents due to contact or impact between heavy equipment and / or vehicles.

HSE Download-LESSON LEARNT_07_2019_Vehicle Parking on the RoW (pdf - 461KB)

Gas Cylinder Handling

Gas cylinders are often moved one by one from transportation rack to pay welder’s rack. A number of incidents –…

HSE Download-LESSON LEARNT_04_2019_Gas Cylinder Handling (pdf - 280KB)

Dropped Scaffold Toe Board

During the dismantling of the scaffolding inside the compressor building a piece of scaffold toebord was dropped and hit a…

HSE Download-DroppedScaffoldToeBoard-TANAP (pdf - 1MB)

Road Traffic Accident

When a project vehicle was transferred the front tire and spare tire were both damaged.

HSE Download-RoadTrafficAccident-TANAP (jpeg - 2MB)

Waste Management

51% reduction in the costs spent on food waste disposal. By product was used during rehabilitation of the construction camps.

HSE Download-MCDPipelineDehydratorPresentation_V3 (pdf - 1MB)

Damaged underground cable

The underground CCTV cable was damaged in the Process Area during mechanical excavation.

HSE Download-DamagedUndergroundCable-TANAP (png - 2MB)

Sideboom golden rules

Sideboom is one of the most used heavy equipment in our activities. The loads lifted by and the movements of…

HSE Download-LL14-SideboomGoldenRules (pdf - 221KB)

Seatbelt use verification

One of the main causes of injuries sustained as a result of road accidents is the failure to use seat…

HSE Download-LL23-Seatbeltuseverification (pdf - 813KB)

Protection of underground utilities

Working near underground services including live electrical cables is a high risk activity.

HSE Download-LL4-ProtectionofUGUtilities (pdf - 454KB)

Bee, wasp and hornet sting

It’s a good practice to be informed about the risks and preventive measures to be applied in this kind of…

HSE Download-LL10-Beewaspandhormetsting (pdf - 232KB)

Working adjacent to the edge of trench

Fall from edge of a trench is one of the major risk on the pipeline projects which could lead to…

HSE Download-LL4-WorkingAdjacenttoTrench (pdf - 761KB)

Abrasive blasting hose fittings and attachments

HSE Download-LL-BlastHose (pdf - 473KB)

Electromagnetic field hazards – Regulation change

HSE Download-LL-EMFHazardsandControlmeasures (pdf - 338KB)