Keyword: Excavation / earth collapse


Hitting the Medium-Voltage Cable (MS-10KV) with a Long-reach Excavator Bucket

Excavation waterway crossing (sheet piling) around MS cable.

HSE Download-Denys QSHE Alert 2021-06 (pdf - 549KB)

Rock Breaking

While rock breaking activity was ongoing, a piece of rock flew away with pressure and fell near appointed flagman for…

HSE Download-2021-04_SAFETY ALERT_Rock Breaking (pdf - 461KB)

Collapsing Trench

While four workers were enlarging an 1,9 m deep trench to install Fiber Optic Cable, the excavation wall fell on…

HSE Download-2021-01_SAFETY ALERT_Trench Collaps (pdf - 613KB)

Damaged underground cable

The underground CCTV cable was damaged in the Process Area during mechanical excavation.

HSE Download-DamagedUndergroundCable-TANAP (png - 2MB)

Protection of underground utilities

Working near underground services including live electrical cables is a high risk activity.

HSE Download-LL4-ProtectionofUGUtilities (pdf - 454KB)

Working adjacent to the edge of trench

Fall from edge of a trench is one of the major risk on the pipeline projects which could lead to…

HSE Download-LL4-WorkingAdjacenttoTrench (pdf - 761KB)