Keyword: Working at height / scaffolding

Use of Yo-yo

Self-retracting lifeline - Yo-yo - is a type of lanyard (individual fall arrest system) that allow the user to freely…

HSE Download-LESSON LEARNT_03_2023_Use of YoYo_en (pdf - 316KB)

Ladder Losing Stability

While bending a pipe, the bending machine operator climbed up a ladder to take some measurement. The ladder lost stability…

HSE Download-2020-04_SAFETY ALERT_Fall from High (pdf - 225KB)

Dropped Scaffold Toe Board

During the dismantling of the scaffolding inside the compressor building a piece of scaffold toebord was dropped and hit a…

HSE Download-DroppedScaffoldToeBoard-TANAP (pdf - 1MB)