Keyword: Health & Safety Award

T-Rex & Safety Revolution

With the aim of enhancing Safety during operations Bonatti chose to design and manufacture an innovative type of pipe layer:…

HSE Download-2018T-RexSafetyRevolution_Description (pdf - 1MB)

Safety Tag for lifting parts

Spiecapag has defined a "safety tag or flag" format for the pin of sensitive lifting elements.

HSE Download-Spiecapag-2018HSAward-SafetyFlag2 (pdf - 770KB)

Off-the-job Safety campaign

TEKFEN conducted a series of trainings, to raise awareness about the possible hazards of pipeline construction.

HSE Download-TEKFENHSAwardPresentation-OffTheJobSafety-2018 (pdf - 3MB)

The Eagle-Trainer programme

The use of videos recorded by drones for training and awareness of personnel on project.

HSE Download-"The Eagle-Trainer" (pdf - 1MB)