Keyword: Transportation and road traffic accidents

Vehicles Parking on the Row

Accidents due to contact or impact between heavy equipment and / or vehicles.

HSE Download-LESSON LEARNT_07_2019_Vehicle Parking on the RoW (pdf - 461KB)

Damages to Overhead Power Lines During Transportation of an Excavator

While passing under existing overhead 33 KV energized power lines, the excavator boom made contact with the overhead power lines…

HSE Download-2021-07_SAFETY ALERT_Damage to OHPL (pdf - 487KB)

Trailer Load Fixing

During transportation of 3 pipes of 14-inch on dolly pipe trailer on a light slope one of the cargo lashing…

HSE Download-2021-03_SAFETY ALERT_Safe Load Fixing (pdf - 234KB)

Steering Trailers

Steering trailers are designed to help rigid loads manipulate corners more effectively and are heavily used in the transportation of…

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Road Traffic Accident

When a project vehicle was transferred the front tire and spare tire were both damaged.

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Fatality during prescribed treatment

A driver for the project Shalapa (Mexico) since 2015, had a car accident.

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Seatbelt use verification

One of the main causes of injuries sustained as a result of road accidents is the failure to use seat…

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