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Worker takes a rest in the bucket

After lunch break a worker sat in the front loader bucket to avoid an incoming sand storm and direct sunlight.…

HSE Download-2022-07_SAFETY ALERT_Worker in the loader bucket_en (pdf - 300KB)

Welding Tents

The welding tents are structures specifically designed and built for the automatic and manual welding phase of the pipelines in…

HSE Download-LESSON LEARNT_11_2019_Welding Habitat (pdf - 822KB)

Pipe Cutting

Pipe cutting is one of the most hazardous process during Oil & Gas construction activities.

HSE Download-LESSON LEARNT_10_2020_Pipe Cutting (pdf - 249KB)

Line of Fire

Many high potential incidents and near misses on construction sites are due to non-compliance of the interdiction zones, called "line…

HSE Download-LESSON LEARNT_09_2020_Line of Fire (pdf - 275KB)

Off-the-job Safety campaign

TEKFEN conducted a series of trainings, to raise awareness about the possible hazards of pipeline construction.

HSE Download-TEKFENHSAwardPresentation-OffTheJobSafety-2018 (pdf - 3MB)

The Eagle-Trainer programme

The use of videos recorded by drones for training and awareness of personnel on project.

HSE Download-"The Eagle-Trainer" (pdf - 1MB)

Abrasive blasting hose fittings and attachments

HSE Download-LL-BlastHose (pdf - 473KB)