Keyword: Lifting operations

Pipe Dropped on Rigger Foot

During the execution of lifting activities for the erection of pipe (24” 36m long) into the main pipe rack, the…


Unsafe lifting with forklift

During the last month two similar near misses occurred concerning the lifting and transportation of one pipe and one metal…

HSE Download-2022-09_SAFETY ALERT_Unsafe lifting with forklift_en (pdf - 203KB)

Breaking of Lifting Accessories During Hoisting

While lifting a load, the swivel hook connecting the rigid excavator hook to the chain failed.

Gas Cylinder Handling

Gas cylinders are often moved one by one from transportation rack to pay welder’s rack. A number of incidents –…

HSE Download-LESSON LEARNT_04_2019_Gas Cylinder Handling (pdf - 280KB)

Unsafe Rigging Practice

A subcontractor employee was working as a rigger and was part of the lifting crew that was tasked to loading…

HSE Download-2020-06_SAFETY ALERT_Unsafe Rigging (pdf - 453KB)

Pipe Alignment

During the installation of the internal clamp for the alignment of a hot formed bend, the pipe suddenly tilted while…

HSE Download-2020-01_SAFETY ALERT_Pipe Alignment (pdf - 248KB)

Bending Machine Lifting

After lifting the bending machine few centimetres, the rear section of the bending machine tilts to the left. The supervisor…

HSE Download-2019-02_SAFETY ALERT_Bending Machine Lifting (pdf - 195KB)

Accident while lifting a pallet with slings

As part of Micro-tunneling works extra bentonite was required and a Hiab truck was dispatched to Pipeyard 6 to collect…

HSE Download-SA15-Accidentwhileliftingapalletwithslings (pdf - 1MB)

T-Rex & Safety Revolution

With the aim of enhancing Safety during operations Bonatti chose to design and manufacture an innovative type of pipe layer:…

HSE Download-2018T-RexSafetyRevolution_Description (pdf - 1MB)