Keyword: Lifting operations


Breaking of Lifting Accessories During Hoisting

While lifting a load, the swivel hook connecting the rigid excavator hook to the chain failed.

Gas Cylinder Handling

Gas cylinders are often moved one by one from transportation rack to pay welder’s rack. A number of incidents –…

HSE Download-LESSON LEARNT_04_2019_Gas Cylinder Handling (pdf - 280KB)

Unsafe Rigging Practice

A subcontractor employee was working as a rigger and was part of the lifting crew that was tasked to loading…

HSE Download-2020-06_SAFETY ALERT_Unsafe Rigging (pdf - 453KB)

Pipe Alignment

During the installation of the internal clamp for the alignment of a hot formed bend, the pipe suddenly tilted while…

HSE Download-2020-01_SAFETY ALERT_Pipe Alignment (pdf - 248KB)

Bending Machine Lifting

After lifting the bending machine few centimetres, the rear section of the bending machine tilts to the left. The supervisor…

HSE Download-2019-02_SAFETY ALERT_Bending Machine Lifting (pdf - 195KB)

Accident while lifting a pallet with slings

As part of Micro-tunneling works extra bentonite was required and a Hiab truck was dispatched to Pipeyard 6 to collect…

HSE Download-SA15-Accidentwhileliftingapalletwithslings (pdf - 1MB)

T-Rex & Safety Revolution

With the aim of enhancing Safety during operations Bonatti chose to design and manufacture an innovative type of pipe layer:…

HSE Download-2018T-RexSafetyRevolution_Description (pdf - 1MB)