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Heavy Equipment Overturning and Operator Competence Assessment

Two incidents occurred in different projects involving a heavy equipment overturning or partially overturning without any injuries. The overturning of…

HSE Download-2023-09_SAFETY ALERT_Equip overturning and Op. Assessment_en (pdf - 434KB)

Grinding Disk Rupture

At the fabrication shop a manual welder was involved in welding activities of 24” pipes (35mm thickness): after the 1st…

HSE Download-2023-05_SAFETY ALERT_Grinding_en (pdf - 209KB)

Horizontal Directional Drilling Pipe Coil Trailer

In April 2023, a colleague working on the HS2 Area North project received fatal injuries when he was struck by…

HSE Download-Vinci - Horizontal Directional Drilling Pipe Coil Trailer (pdf - 246KB)

Pipeline Tie-In Usung 14″ Remote Tecno Plug, Mechanical Clamp & Bisep

HSE Download-LESSON LEARNT_10_2023_en (pdf - 224KB)

Permit to Work

On August 30th in Italy a very serious train accident occurred which resulted in the death of 5 workers belonging…

HSE Download-LESSON LEARNT_08_2023_en (pdf - 232KB)

Excavation Earth and Rocks

Excavation earth and rocks refers to the excavated soil resulting from following activities: excavations in general (excavation, foundations, trenches); drilling,…

HSE Download-LESSON LEARNT_07_2023_en (pdf - 169KB)

Temperature Humidity Index (THI)

Workers exposed to extreme heat while work in hot environments may be at risk of heat stress. Exposure to extreme…

HSE Download-LESSON LEARNT_06_2023_en (pdf - 316KB)

Hazard Identification through the Energy Wheel

Research has shown that work crews typically identify and discuss less than half of the hazards that they actually encounter.…

HSE Download-LESSON LEARNT_10_2022_Energy Wheel_en (pdf - 126KB)

Carbon footprints and the Role of Trees

SICIM has started a three-year collaboration with Treedom, the first web platform in the world that allows you to plant…

HSE Download-LESSON LEARNT_06_2022_Carbon Footprints_en (pdf - 237KB)

Use of Yo-yo

Self-retracting lifeline - Yo-yo - is a type of lanyard (individual fall arrest system) that allow the user to freely…

HSE Download-LESSON LEARNT_03_2023_Use of YoYo_en (pdf - 316KB)

Underground Interferences

During the excavation for a 6” line, an excavator contacted an underground gas live pipeline causing a leakage of gas.…

HSE Download-2023-04_SAFETY ALERT_Underground Interferences_en (pdf - 243KB)

Pipe Dropped on Rigger Foot

During the execution of lifting activities for the erection of pipe (24” 36m long) into the main pipe rack, the…


Electric Arc with OHL

In a cloudy and humid day, a sideboom was travelling under a High Voltage Overhead Power Line (10 kV) when…

HSE Download-2022-11_SAFETY ALERT_Electric arc with OHL_en (pdf - 236KB)

Unsafe lifting with forklift

During the last month two similar near misses occurred concerning the lifting and transportation of one pipe and one metal…

HSE Download-2022-09_SAFETY ALERT_Unsafe lifting with forklift_en (pdf - 203KB)

Unsafe Parking of Diesel Tank Truck

A diesel tank truck was parked on a mild slope (less than 5° degrees). The driver parked his truck and…

HSE Download-2022-08_SAFETY ALERT_Unsafe parking of diesel tank truck_en (pdf - 267KB)

Worker takes a rest in the bucket

After lunch break a worker sat in the front loader bucket to avoid an incoming sand storm and direct sunlight.…

HSE Download-2022-07_SAFETY ALERT_Worker in the loader bucket_en (pdf - 300KB)

Trench Wall Collapse

During tie-in activity of 16" Pipeline, Activity supervisor instructed the excavator operator to create a bell hole right under where…

HSE Download-2021-10_SAFETY ALERT_Trench Wall Collapse_en (pdf - 242KB)

Hitting the Medium-Voltage Cable (MS-10KV) with a Long-reach Excavator Bucket

Excavation waterway crossing (sheet piling) around MS cable.

HSE Download-Denys QSHE Alert 2021-06 (pdf - 549KB)

Carbon Footprinting – How to Calculate CO2 Emissions

This article covers the measuring and reporting of emissions. The ability to measure emissions in a reliable way is a…

HSE Download-Carbon-Footprinting (pdf - 307KB)

Welding Tents

The welding tents are structures specifically designed and built for the automatic and manual welding phase of the pipelines in…

HSE Download-LESSON LEARNT_11_2019_Welding Habitat (pdf - 822KB)

Pipe Cutting

Pipe cutting is one of the most hazardous process during Oil & Gas construction activities.

HSE Download-LESSON LEARNT_10_2020_Pipe Cutting (pdf - 249KB)

Line of Fire

Many high potential incidents and near misses on construction sites are due to non-compliance of the interdiction zones, called "line…

HSE Download-LESSON LEARNT_09_2020_Line of Fire (pdf - 275KB)

Buried Services

Underground services risk is ranked high both in probability, given its recurrence, and in the consequence potential severity, when buried…

HSE Download-LESSON LEARNT_07_2020_Buried Services (pdf - 351KB)

Vehicles Parking on the Row

Accidents due to contact or impact between heavy equipment and / or vehicles.

HSE Download-LESSON LEARNT_07_2019_Vehicle Parking on the RoW (pdf - 461KB)

Gas Cylinder Handling

Gas cylinders are often moved one by one from transportation rack to pay welder’s rack. A number of incidents –…

HSE Download-LESSON LEARNT_04_2019_Gas Cylinder Handling (pdf - 280KB)

World Water during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Hand hygiene is essential to containing the spread of COVID-19.

HSE Download-LESSON LEARNT_03_2020_World Water Day (pdf - 328KB)

COVID -19 Measures

Preventive measures for the management of COVID-19 Emergency

HSE Download-LESSON LEARNT_02_2020_Covid-19 (pdf - 442KB)

Damages to Overhead Power Lines During Transportation of an Excavator

While passing under existing overhead 33 KV energized power lines, the excavator boom made contact with the overhead power lines…

HSE Download-2021-07_SAFETY ALERT_Damage to OHPL (pdf - 487KB)

Rock Breaking

While rock breaking activity was ongoing, a piece of rock flew away with pressure and fell near appointed flagman for…

HSE Download-2021-04_SAFETY ALERT_Rock Breaking (pdf - 461KB)

Trailer Load Fixing

During transportation of 3 pipes of 14-inch on dolly pipe trailer on a light slope one of the cargo lashing…

HSE Download-2021-03_SAFETY ALERT_Safe Load Fixing (pdf - 234KB)

Collapsing Trench

While four workers were enlarging an 1,9 m deep trench to install Fiber Optic Cable, the excavation wall fell on…

HSE Download-2021-01_SAFETY ALERT_Trench Collaps (pdf - 613KB)

Loading and Unloading of Heavy Equipment

A ramp detached from the trailer during the unloading of a sideboom. And during the pre-operation inspection a crack was…

HSE Download-2020-11_SAFETY ALERT_Loading Unloading Equipment (pdf - 532KB)

Unsafe Rigging Practice

A subcontractor employee was working as a rigger and was part of the lifting crew that was tasked to loading…

HSE Download-2020-06_SAFETY ALERT_Unsafe Rigging (pdf - 453KB)

Timber Skid Rupture

When lowering the pipe string from one end with the sideboom and after releasing the Choker Belt, the timber skids…

HSE Download-2020-05_SAFETY ALERT_Timber Skid Rupture (pdf - 542KB)

Ladder Losing Stability

While bending a pipe, the bending machine operator climbed up a ladder to take some measurement. The ladder lost stability…

HSE Download-2020-04_SAFETY ALERT_Fall from High (pdf - 225KB)

Pipe Alignment

During the installation of the internal clamp for the alignment of a hot formed bend, the pipe suddenly tilted while…

HSE Download-2020-01_SAFETY ALERT_Pipe Alignment (pdf - 248KB)

Injuries While Getting off Heavy Equipment

Two incidents occurred in two different sites during the getting off heavy equipment. In the first case the consequence was…

HSE Download-2019-08_SAFETY ALERT_Get off Heavy Equipment (pdf - 305KB)

Defective Circular Brushes

During the course of a project, some Near Misses were notified regarding the abnormal rupture of circular brushes used for…

HSE Download-2019-06_SAFETY ALERT_Defective Brushes (pdf - 285KB)

Fire Incident in Confined Space

During the welding of a pup piece to a 31 Tons valve in a block valve station, a welder got…

HSE Download-2019-03_SAFETY ALERT_Confined Space (pdf - 296KB)

Bending Machine Lifting

After lifting the bending machine few centimetres, the rear section of the bending machine tilts to the left. The supervisor…

HSE Download-2019-02_SAFETY ALERT_Bending Machine Lifting (pdf - 195KB)

Off-The-Job Safety Handbook

Booklet promoting off-the-job safety awareness.

HSE Download-Tekfen - Off-the-job Safety Booklet - v2 - IPLOCA (pdf - 7MB)

Damaged underground cable

The underground CCTV cable was damaged in the Process Area during mechanical excavation.

HSE Download-DamagedUndergroundCable-TANAP (png - 2MB)

Accident while lifting a pallet with slings

As part of Micro-tunneling works extra bentonite was required and a Hiab truck was dispatched to Pipeyard 6 to collect…

HSE Download-SA15-Accidentwhileliftingapalletwithslings (pdf - 1MB)

Dropped Scaffold Toe Board

During the dismantling of the scaffolding inside the compressor building a piece of scaffold toebord was dropped and hit a…

HSE Download-DroppedScaffoldToeBoard-TANAP (pdf - 1MB)

Steering Trailers

Steering trailers are designed to help rigid loads manipulate corners more effectively and are heavily used in the transportation of…

HSE Download-SafetyAlert-SteeringTrailers00000003 (pdf - 467KB)

Road Traffic Accident

When a project vehicle was transferred the front tire and spare tire were both damaged.

HSE Download-RoadTrafficAccident-TANAP (jpeg - 2MB)

Waste Management

51% reduction in the costs spent on food waste disposal. By product was used during rehabilitation of the construction camps.

HSE Download-MCDPipelineDehydratorPresentation_V3 (pdf - 1MB)

Precautionary Measure – Social Distancing – Alternate Work Arrangements

Split the workforce into 2 or more teams to minimize any physical interaction, so that only half or less of…

HSE Download-PrecautionaryMeasure-SocialDistancing-AlternateWorkArrangements1.pdf (pdf - 122KB)
C&W Services

The Safe Six: Workplace Readiness Essentials

HSE Download-The_Safe_Six_Checklist.pdf (pdf - 488KB)

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Australian Upstream Oil & Gas Industry Protocols -ONSHORE

HSE Download-COVID-19-upstream-onshore-protocol-framework-6-April-2020.pdf (pdf - 636KB)

SSI Partners with Texo to Provide Coronavirus Screening Stations

HSE Download-SSIxTexoCovidPartnershipr.pdf (pdf - 187KB)

Managing a crisis: Covid-19 and the threat to Critical National Infrastructure

HSE Download-SSICovid-19ArticleFinal.pdf (pdf - 183KB)
INGAA Foundation

Prevention and Control to Natural Gas Infrastructure Supply Chain

INGAA Foundation Offers Guidance for COVID-19

HSE Download-INGAAFoundationGuidance-COVID-19PreventionandControl_May2020.pdf (pdf - 94KB)
INGAA Foundation

Construction Safety & Quality Consensus Guidelines (revision 1)

INGAA Foundation Offers Guidance for COVID-19

HSE Download-CS-H-04_InterimCOVID19Guidance_rev1.pdf (pdf - 1MB)

Protecting yourself and others, cleanliness and hand hygiene

HSE Download- (
INGAA Foundation

Construction Safety & Quality Consensus Guidelines

INGAA Foundation Offers Guidance for COVID-19.

HSE Download-CS-H-04_InterimCOVID19Guidance_rev2.pdf (pdf - 1MB)

Flash-fire Accident onboard pipe-lay barge

During pipelaying activities, Injection Molded Polypropylene (IMPP) equipment, in coating station, got stuck.

HSE Download-SA6-Flash-fireaccidentonboardpipe-laybarge (pdf - 23KB)

Protection of underground utilities

Working near underground services including live electrical cables is a high risk activity.

HSE Download-LL4-ProtectionofUGUtilities (pdf - 454KB)

Working adjacent to the edge of trench

Fall from edge of a trench is one of the major risk on the pipeline projects which could lead to…

HSE Download-LL4-WorkingAdjacenttoTrench (pdf - 761KB)

Bee, wasp and hornet sting

It’s a good practice to be informed about the risks and preventive measures to be applied in this kind of…

HSE Download-LL10-Beewaspandhormetsting (pdf - 232KB)

Employee going under an excavator

The operator must always switch off the engine and the controls. Only then the zone between the caterpillars can be…

HSE Download-SA14-Employeegoingunderanexcavatortoaccessthematerialbox (pdf - 2MB)

Electrocution while interchanging the phases of an energized female socket

A fatal accident occurred at a CCC Project in Qatar when an electrician was electrocuted to death while interchanging the…

HSE Download-SA3-Electrocutionwhileinterchangingthephasesofanenergizedfemalesocket (pdf - 404KB)

Off-the-job Safety campaign

TEKFEN conducted a series of trainings, to raise awareness about the possible hazards of pipeline construction.

HSE Download-TEKFENHSAwardPresentation-OffTheJobSafety-2018 (pdf - 3MB)

Go-Green 100% Portable Power Cabin

Use solar technology and recyclable ecofriendly material to set up a conventional portable power cabin that will be fully equipped…

HSE Download-CCC - Go-Green 100% Portable Power Cabin (pdf - 1MB)

Streicher’s drilling fluid RECYCLE plant

Horizontal drillings have a high environmental sustainability, as a trenchless laying of pipelines and cables is made possible. However, this…

HSE Download-STREICHER_2018_Env_Award_Entry_Short_Presentation (pdf - 976KB)

T-Rex & Safety Revolution

With the aim of enhancing Safety during operations Bonatti chose to design and manufacture an innovative type of pipe layer:…

HSE Download-2018T-RexSafetyRevolution_Description (pdf - 1MB)

Use of Biologically Degradable Lubricants

Ensuring that there is no danger of toxicity in case of accidental spill becomes a priority for anyone who wants…

HSE Download-Sicim - Biologically Degradable Lubricant (pdf - 2MB)

Fatality during prescribed treatment

A driver for the project Shalapa (Mexico) since 2015, had a car accident.

HSE Download-SA23-Fatalityduringprescribedtreatment (pdf - 1MB)

Sideboom golden rules

Sideboom is one of the most used heavy equipment in our activities. The loads lifted by and the movements of…

HSE Download-LL14-SideboomGoldenRules (pdf - 221KB)

Safety Tag for lifting parts

Spiecapag has defined a "safety tag or flag" format for the pin of sensitive lifting elements.

HSE Download-Spiecapag-2018HSAward-SafetyFlag2 (pdf - 770KB)

Seatbelt use verification

One of the main causes of injuries sustained as a result of road accidents is the failure to use seat…

HSE Download-LL23-Seatbeltuseverification (pdf - 813KB)

Electromagnetic field hazards – Regulation change

HSE Download-LL-EMFHazardsandControlmeasures (pdf - 338KB)

The Eagle-Trainer programme

The use of videos recorded by drones for training and awareness of personnel on project.

HSE Download-"The Eagle-Trainer" (pdf - 1MB)

Global community project fund

Fluor is committed to creating sustainable communities where our employees live and work.

HSE Download-Global Community Project Fund (pdf - 4MB)

Alegria do Ambriz project

One of the key drivers of Saipem’s success and recognition worldwide has always been the creation of long-term value.

HSE Download-"Alegria do Ambriz" Project (pdf - 1MB)

Contribution to seasonal workers’ families and children

TEKFEN Social and Community Relation Team conducts consultation with the families, local authorities and NGO’s to conduct surveys and develop…

HSE Download-Contribution to Seasonal Workers' Families and Children (pdf - 5MB)

Abrasive blasting hose fittings and attachments

HSE Download-LL-BlastHose (pdf - 473KB)

Bell holes construction

During construction activities of pipelines and plants, a several number of welds should be performed, mainly manually, inside the excavation.…

HSE Download-LL-Bellholesconstruction (pdf - 654KB)

Incorrect pressure gauge on high pressure supply line

HSE Download-LL-Incorrectpressuregaugeonhighpressuresupplyline (pdf - 1MB)

Contamination of confined space with hazardous gases

HSE Download-Confinedspace (pdf - 1MB)